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RX7 Bass Spinning Blanks
  • RX7 Bass Spinning Blanks

    The RX7 Multi-Purpose lineup of blanks are designed for those who push the limits. Strength, durability and sensitivity are all achieved through RainShadow’s exclusive manufacturing process. They start with RX7 Toray graphite and complement it with a durability blend of RX6 high-strain standard modulus. The blanks are then finished with their exclusive resin and scrim systems.


    • RX7 Graphite Blend
    • Dynamic Modulus Positioning
    • Innovative Resin System
    • Massive Model Selection
    • Multipiece and Multipurpose Blanks
    • Technique Specific Designs
    • Light Weight
    • Subtle Matte Clear Finish
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    • Prop 65 Warning

      This product may contain one or more substances or chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.

    PriceFrom $95.71